Testimony from Frances R. Moore: 

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, I attended services with our family at Frenchport Community Church. This is the church I first attended and found out about the Holy Spirit and that one could receive the gift in our time frame.

I had been suffering with a back aliment for at least a year which had gotten progressively worse.
We, Joe and I, had prayed daily for healing of this problem.

We discovered that the right side of my body was a half inch shorter than my left. This only made the problem worse.

I had not planned to go that morning due to having to use a cane to walk and sitting for a long period, which I had not been able to do unless in a recliner.

A voice in my head said go, I said, "No, can't sit." Voice said go again. I've learned by the second command to obey it, used to take a lot longer since I'm so hard headed. I told Joe let's go with the family. We got ready and went. I had to walk with my cane and I was hurting. We sat and sang lovely songs and then the Holy Spirit began to move among the people. This was allowed to happen. Pastor Mike was alert to what was needed at that time and went with it.

My sweet sister-in-law, Merry Etta, came and stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders. She began to pray in English and in Tongues. She saw a dark area around my heart, she told me later, and prayed for that. I've had two heart attacks in the past and have a stint. She then came to my side and put her hands on my feet and prayed once again. She stood and went back to her seat.

Sandra, my other sweet sister-in-law, came and sat beside me and started praying. I placed my hand on her knee and on my husband's knee, heat came from her through me and into Joe.

When the movement of the Spirit became calmer, pastor began to preach.

Now here is the great part, I stood and the pain was gone. I walked out of church without my cane. When I was measured again I was no longer a half inch shorter on my right side. I have not used my cane since, nor have I had any pain in my back.

The other wonderful thing about all of this is Joe's foot was healed as well. 

I have been shown that though some may not believe in healing, the one who is praying and truly does know in their soul that we can be healed, will be able with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to that person. Yes I am a believer, but when Jesus sent the Apostles out to heal and deliver he sent them to nonbelievers. You see, I feel that over the millenniums, the ability to know in our hearts and soul that healing is possible has become watered down. We have to know whether the recipient believes or not that Christ's gift to us is still working. Blessings to you all, Frances R. Moore.

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